What is it?

It is a subspecialty of internal medicine that treats patients with infections, these might be acquired in the community or associated with healthcare. It makes presence in a transversal way, which means that work together with all the specialties of the Hospital.


  • Hospitalization of patients with infectious diseases.
  • Outpatient consultation.
  • Comprehensive service for patients with HIV-AIDS and their families.
  • Specialized molecular diagnostic laboratory.
  • Pre-transplant consultation.
  • Support to the microbiologist.
  • Outpatient antibiotic therapy, out-of-hospital and long-term self-administration of intravenous antibiotics at home under the supervision of an interdisciplinary team.


  • Ana Lucia Correa Ángel 
  • Alicia Inés Hidrón Botero
  • Isabel Cristina Ramírez Sánchez 
  • Carlos Ignacio Gómez Roldán
  • Sara Catalina Penagos

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For national patients

To request an appointment (4) 360 47 88

For more information (4) 445 90 00

For international patients

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Attention time

Monday to Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.