Internal Medicine

What is it?

Internal medicine is a medical specialty that allows the diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of adult patients, ranging from young patients since 18 years old to elderly patients. Our service provides treatment for acute diseases, or chronic diseases that do not require surgical procedures or interventionism.


Emergency and Hospitalization Care

  • Assistance to patients with medical conditions that may include autoimmune, infectious, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, which may even compromise various organs or systems.
  • Attention to patients with multiple coincident diseases.
  • Coordination and leadership of collaborative care for adult patients hospitalized with chronic or acute diseases, with or without other related conditions.
  • Evaluation of medical risks prior to surgical procedures or interventions, follow-up after it to support the care of the patient by the treating surgeon (Perioperative Medicine).

Outpatient attention

  • Patients with risk factors or cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.
  • Follow-up after hospitalization for acute or chronic diseases that may require medical treatment.

Executive Check Up

  • Medical evaluation complemented by a series of exams that, together, seek to early detect risk factors or diseases to intervene and avoid their negative influence on the health of the individual.


  • Yoel Korenfeld Kaplan
  • Santiago Patiño Giraldo 
  • Luis Carlos Prada Benavides
  • Juan David Ramírez Quintero 
  • Ricardo César Restrepo Correa
  • Jorge Ricardo Sánchez Madrid
  • Juliana Vega Miranda
  • Jorge Byron Velásquez Botero
  • Juan Fernando Velásquez Osorio
  • Carlos Andrés Villa Franco
  • Natalia Zapata Hincapie
  • Mónica Zuluaga Quintero
  • Juan Guillermo Gamboa Arroyave
  • Natalia Andrea Arboleda Arias
  • Andrés Camilo Mora Granja
  • Jefferson Alejandro Pérez Mesa


Paula Andrea Granda Carvajal


Daniela Trujillo Agudelo


Elisa Bernal Sierra


Mauricio Múnera García


Juan Camilo Rodriguez Castrillón


Juan Sebastián Peinado Acevedo


Jaime Alberto Gómez Rosero

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Attention time

At the Emergency Room and hospitalization services we have an in-person Internist doctor 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Outpatient consultation and executive checkup are activities according to appointment schedule. You can request your appointment by clicking here (link to request an appointment).