What is it?

Our Pathology service is responsible for studying tissue from any component of the human body that needs a diagnosis to define a disease, a prognosis or a treatment.

Our team makes case revisions, that is a second opinion of a tissue that has been evaluated in another laboratory and has a doubtful diagnosis, or that needs to be complemented with additional tests.


Biopsy by freezing

Study of a fragment of fresh tissue from a patient in the operating room, which seeks to know if there is a malignancy presence to define surgical behavior.

Fine needle aspiration biopsy

Study of an extended cell that has been aspirated from a solid organ or a hollow viscera, in order to give a diagnostic approach.

Small biopsies

Study of a piece of body tissue to determine a diagnosis.

Surgical specimen study

Study of an organ, or a part of it, to determine a diagnosis.

Immunohistochemical markers

Coloring the tissues in order to determine the expression of molecules that help the classification of tissues and tumors.

Molecular biology tests

Molecular studies to determine specific genetic alterations.

Body cytology studies

Study of an extended cell from a solid organ or a hollow viscera, in order to give a diagnostic approach.

Cervicovaginal cytology

Sampling and interpretation of the study as screening for cervical cancer.


Ricardo Andrés Cardona Quiceno
M.D. Pathologist trained in hematopathology and flow cytometry.

Gabriel Jaime Varela
M.D. Pathologist Oncologist.

Carolina Echeverri
M.D. Cytopathologist and hematopathologist.

Alejandro Vélez Hoyos
M.D. Pathologist with training in cytopathology, endocrinological pathology, urological pathology and dermatopathology.

Ana Cristina Ruiz
M.D. Dermatopathologist.

Victoria Eugenia Murillo
M.D. Pathologist trained in pulmonary pathology

Beatriz Lopera

M.D. Pathologist with training in neuropathology and nephropathology

Juan Camilo Pérez
M.D. Pathologist with training in gastrointestinal, liver and bile duct pathology

Linda Paola Barcenas Salazar
M.D. Pathologist

Jairo Andrés Ibañez Moreno
M.D. Pathologist

Alejandro Cardona Palacio
M.D. Pathologist

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Attention time

Appointments from Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

During night and weekends: Availability for urgent biopsies by freezing.