What is the HPTU preferential card?

Our preferential card is a strategy that allows our direct payment patients to immediately access special discounts on some of our outpatient services by presenting a personalized card granted by our Hospital (for personal use), at the service points of our institution. 


 Who can request for our HPTU preferential card?

All patients who make direct payments for the different services established in our Terms and Conditions of the preferential card.


  How can you request for our HPTU preferential card?

You can come to our Customer Service Office, located on the first floor of the Tower A of our hospital (next to the Bancolombia - HPTU headquarters office) from Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and request your personalized card presenting your identification document. Fill out the form with your personal data, accept the habeas data, and you’re done. You will immediately be able to access to the discounts granted by the HPTU preferential card.

*Terms and Conditions apply

Preferential discounts card terms and conditions: 

  • The discount for ambulatory clinical laboratory services, diagnosis aids, outpatient radiological studies, outpatient cancer procedures is of 15%.

  • The discount for drugstore supplies and medicines is of 5%.

  • Full rate applies for private payment.

  • It cannot be combined or accumulated with other discounts.

  • The preferential card is personal and non-transferable. If a family member, friend or acquaintance requires your card to obtain the discounts they can go to the Customer Service to obtain it in a personalized way and without any cost.

  • It does not apply to medical consultations.

  • It does not apply to studies that are referred to other institutions (third parties).

  • It does not apply to package rates.

  • In case of loss, the patient can redeem their discount with a digital photo of the preferential card.

  • In case of loss of the preferential card, the hospital will replace it only once, otherwise, the holder must assume a cost of $12,000 COP that must be paid for at the General Box from Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  • Valid as long as the strategy is in force (the term of the strategy is defined by the HPTU and will make it visible through the official channels of the hospital).

  • If the holder achieves an annual turnover equal to or greater than 0.5 SMMLV (legal monthly salary in Colombia) during the year, the patient may claim and additional total discount on the first attention of the following year of 3% accumulative with the current 15% in private services (not accumulative with other benefits).

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