What is it?

Rheumatology is a subspecialty of Internal Medicine that diagnoses and treats rheumatic diseases, that is, those that have to do with the musculoskeletal system, immunological diseases and rheumatic manifestations of systemic diseases.


Diagnosis and treatment for:

Autoimmune diseases: Anti-inflammatory treatment of systemic diseases and vasculitis.

Crystal diseases: Deposit of substances in the joint such as gout, pseudogout, among others.

Hospitalization diseases:

Lupus: Systemic and inflammatory immune disease that affects all the body organs, produces arthritis, skin breakdown, affection of the lungs, kidneys, and central nervous system, alters the patients’ immunity (low defenses).

Arthritis: Joint inflammation and/or joint cartilage diseases.

Rheumatoid arthritis: Growth and proliferation of the articular membrane that destroys the joints.

Osteoarthritis: Cartilage disease.

Spondyloarthritis: Disease that affects the spine, skin, heart valves, eyes, colon, and some skeletal manifestations such as heels, soles, knees, and ankles.

Immunological diseases:

Inflammatory myopathies: Diseases that inflame the muscles and produce severe muscle weakness, can be classified as primary diseases or that are associated with others such as lupus, cancer, among others.

Systemic sclerosis: A group of diseases that affect the skin, producing a large amount of collagen in the tissues and fibrosis of the tissues.

Infectious diseases: Septic arthritis, viral arthritis, reactive arthritis, intestinal, gynecological, urological infections where the joints become inflamed or joint infections such as staphylococcus aureus.


Acute: Due to bacteria

Chronicles: Due to tuberculosis and fungi.

Metabolic diseases:

Osteoporosis: Decrease of bone mass per unit volume of bone, with a decrease in calcium concentration, increasing their fragility.


Luis Fernando Pinto Peñaranda
M.D. Rheumatologist Internist, Master in Epidemiology. Head of Rheumatology

Andrés Felipe Echeverry García
M.D. Rheumatologist Internist

Javier Darío Márquez Hernández
M.D. Rheumatologist Internist, Master in Spondylarthritis

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